The Very Best Start

Little Learners is a free play-based early learning program that you and your children will love! 

At Channel Christian School we know that a great start is important for children and their parents. Little Learners will ensure your child has a happy, meaningful and enjoyable introduction to the school community. Little Learners is held from 9:15am to 10:30am each Wednesday and Friday during the school term.

At Little Learners we

  • Offer you and your child the very best start with involved, enthusiastic, and positive staff.

  • Give parents and children a taste of what our school has to offer with no obligation.

  • Encourage parents to be actively involved in the education of their children with a wide range of fun activities that stimulate and promote rich learning.

  • Ease the transition into Kindergarten and full time school.

  • Put your mind at ease and alleviate any nerves you or your child may have about starting school.

New Experiences

Little Learners has a semi-structured program of outside and inside play, storytelling, craft, morning tea and singing, all of which are designed to engage your child in new experiences that develop their sensory, motor, social and communication skills. To find out more about Little Learners please contact us.