Partnership - Our Olympic Ambassador

Kelsey-Lee Roberts – Australian Olympian Javelin Thrower

During 2016 our school ‘adopted’ Kelsey-Lee Roberts as its Olympic ambassador. She is special to Channel Christian School as she is our Principal's daughter.  

Kelsey-Lee qualified to be part of the Australian Athletics Team as a javelin thrower to take part in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.  As the school encourages and supports the notion that a healthy body develops a healthy mind it was a great opportunity to have a positive role model to follow.

During the year, Kelsey-Lee was in contact via Skype, she featured in our school newsletter and the whole school was able to follow her progress during the Rio Games.  On her return from Rio de Janeiro she visited the school and took part in a special assembly and then completed class visits.

Kelsey-Lee has now returned to Canberra to commence a four year plan to prepare to be part of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. In the meantime the school will follow her through the Australian domestic season, the 2017 World Championships in London and then the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. Throughout this journey there will be contact with the students, staff and community, follow-up visits to the school and regular Skype and online forums.

Kelsey-Lee’s message to young people is to have fun in your chosen sport, maintain a healthy mind and body and always strive to make your dreams a reality. At the same time she acknowledges that God has blessed her with a talent. For this she is prayerful and thankful and she will continue to be mindful of this part of her being