Partnership - Meet our School Council Members

Simon Lincoln


I have been a School Council member for three years, a Chairperson for two and a parent at the school for twelve years. Like all schools you don't really know how they operate until you and your children are immersed in them. I have come to love the Gospel focus within Channel Christian School which provided a wonderful Christian foundation for my children. I also love the very strong academic  focus.

Students can feel very proud wearing their smart school uniform and being in such beautiful school surrounds. This constantly reminds my wife and I that Channel was the right school for our children and I am more than happy to serve the school and Margate community.

Keith Roberts


As Principal of the school I serve as a member of the Council. This critical role is  the link between parents and the school and its team of staff. Together we share and discuss ideas and plan important whole school activities. My role is leadership and support and I am passionate about contributing in the best way possible. School Council is an integral part of school life. 


David Oudman

I am the Treasurer on the School Council. I’m married to Carrie-Ann and we have three girls – Mackenzie, Sophie and Erin – who have either graduated from, or are still at, Channel Christian School.

There are three reasons why we send our children to this school. The first is because God is at the centre of their education. They grow to know that God designed everything in their world and that He loves them and has a plan for their lives. Secondly, the quality of their education is important and the children at this school are encouraged to reach their potential. Channel Christian School consistently returns great results from the NAPLAN tests. Thirdly, the children are taught to be loving and inclusive, and to care for each other.

Being on School Council is fun. At our monthly meetings, we discuss and decide on a variety of topics and future community events. We discuss how best to support the teachers and Principal, determine how to raise and spend the Council funds, we pray for the growth of the school and importantly, how to be a voice for feedback from the parents to the school leadership. I take the role seriously, but make sure that we have a lot of fun along the way. 

Christine Boonstra

Over the past 11 years my four children have attended and been a part of the Channel Christian School community.

Being a Council member has given me an opportunity to serve alongside other parents in building this community and supporting the teachers.

Clancy Hartman

I am married and have three daughters attending Channel Christian School.

I have been a part of the school community for eight years and a member of the School Council for five. It is a real privilege to serve our school in this way, supporting the Principal and encouraging community at school.

We chose to send our children to Channel Christian School for several reasons, primarily because we wanted our children to be taught from a Christian world view. We feel that it is invaluable to have what we teach our children at home backed up and modelled at school by teachers and other staff. Secondly, we chose Channel because it believes in preparing children for the world not protecting them from it. Thirdly, we like that Channel is a smaller school, and we feel this has greatly benefitted our children.

Heike Mumford

I am Mum to four boys, and three of them are currently at Channel Christian School. I truly value the opportunity this school provides; as a parent to partner with the school in growing, training, teaching and nurturing our children in all areas of life through a Biblical perspective. It is a privilege to be able to serve the school by being part of School Council.

 Fiona Verdouw

I'm married to Scott and all of our three sons attend Channel Christian School.

When considering schooling options for our children, we were looking for more than just a place where they could be taught the foundational basics of literacy and numeracy. We were looking for a school environment which would complement and back up the attitudes, beliefs and world view that we hold dear to us at home. Channel Christian School has certainly done that. 

As a parent, getting alongside teachers and now as a School Council member supporting our staff and Principal, I really hope we can encourage and build up our school community and increase public awareness of our school so that more families can benefit from what Channel has to offer – an education with Christ at its core, in a school environment that nurtures the individual.